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  • I was very happy when I found this unique car. I picked it up in Munich (how appropriate for a BMW!) although it spent most of its time in England. Its owner found it a bit difficult to sell it on the islands with its left hand drive.


    But let's go back to the 1970, when the story of this car begins.


    This particular unit was produced as one of the last E120. Its production number is 1003 245. A total of 3249 automatic coupés was built. That means this was the fifth to the last. Of the sum of over 13 thousand coupés of the E120 series just a few hundreds survived to these days. The body protection was not outstanding in the 60's and reportedly the build quality of Karmann could not be compared to the BMW factory.

    With this "survival rate" it seems safe to assume that this is the youngest coupé BMW 2000 CA today.

    This car was a gift from Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to the ex-professional footballer Oscar Hold who coached his team to win their Football League.

    The car collected direct from the BMW factory in Munich.

    It was delivered with a rich extra equipment including sunroof, heated rear glass, radio, blue metallic paint "Baikal" and 4 power windows. The interior is in light creme leather but I am not sure whether it is original.

    The car spent its first five years via Belgium and Cyprus. During the Greek-Turkish war in 1974 it was concealed near the capital Nicosia to avoid falling into turkish hands.

    Oscar Hold brought the car back to the U. K. in 1975 and drove it himself until the mid 1980's. He probably had a special relationship to the car because he invested quite a lot of money into a new engine. I got the invoice for the exchange and it cost about 1300 pounds. A price of a whole new car in 1981!


    In the second half of the 80's Oscar Hold gave the car to his nephew.

    In the early 90's the car was sold to a BMW enthusiast who carried out an extensive restoration mainly to the bodywork and later to the automatic gearbox. The car was regularly driven since.


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